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Kayaking Manufacturers
and kayak builders are listed below. These links will take you directly to each manufacturer’s websites.

P&H Company
Sea kayaks and specialty polo kayaks.

Pacific Wave Kayaks
Oregon-based online retailer.

A Virginia based paddle sports distribution company, currently distributing Point 65N kayak products.

PaddleYak Sea Kayaks
Manufacturer of hybrid, combination sit-in/sit-on designed boats.

Paddling Perfection
New Zealand manufacture of Kevlar and fibreglass sea kayaks, multisport racing kayaks and FoldaRoll kayak trolleys.

Pakboats/Scansport, Inc.
Small, select line of folding kayaks.

Canadian manufacturer of recreational and outfitter kayaks.

Pelican Kayaks
Manufactures a variety of boats, including sit-on-tops, fishing and recreational kayaks.

Perception Kayaks
Tremendous selection of plastic and composite touring, whitewater, and sit-on-top models.

Peregrine Kayaks
Produces a few different models of fiberglass and kevlar kayaks.

Phoenix Poke Boats
Full line of recreational and whitewater kayaks.

Point 65 N
Produces fiberglass and resin kayaks.

Manufacturer of folding kayaks. This site also provides a lot of good info on folding kayaks.

Prijon/Wildwasser Sport
Full line of plastic touring, whitewater, and sit-on-top kayaks.

PS Composites
Custom squirt, surf and river kayaks, handcrafted by order.

Pygmy Boats
Offers wooden kayaks as well as kits and plans.

Pyranha/Impex International
Complete line of sit-on-top and whitewater kayaks.

Manufacturer of inflatable kayaks and accessories. .

Composite sea Kayaks.

Full line of whitewater and recreational kayaks.

Rainforest Designs Ltd
Full line of single and double touring/sea kayaks.

Ras Dex
UK retailer and distributor of kayaking gear.

Wooden kayaks and kits.

Riot Kayaks
Full line of whitewater and recreational kayaks, paddles and more.

River City Kayaks
Hand made wooden kayaks.

This company manufactures polyethylene kayaks.

RTM Kayaks
Manufacturing kayaks for 30 years in southern France, RTM Kayaks offers a line of fishing kayaks and a full line of recreational models and accessories.

Roy Folland Wooden Kayak Kits
Wooden kayak kits.

San Javier Kayak
Wooden kayak kits and plans.

Saturn Inflatable Kayaks
Inflatable kayaks at affordable prices.

Sea Eagle
High quality inflatable sport boats, fishing boats, canoes and kayaks. They ship direct to the consumer anywhere.

SeaKnife Kayaks
Newfoundland-based kayak maker.

Skin-on-frame folding boats.

Seaward Kayaks
Complete line of touring kayaks.

SEDA Products
Wide line of sea and whitewater kayaks, including sit-on-tops and folding models.

Fun inflatable boats and floats.

Shaman Kayaks
Builds handmade native kayaks.

Shearwater Boats
Wooden kayaks, paddles and building plans.

Sinissippi Boats
Makes hand-made African mahogany kayaks.

Sisson Kayaks
Sea and multi-sport racing kayaks.

Swedish manufacturer makes two different kayak models.

Slo-Mo Boats
Manufacturer of fiberglass kayaks that are ideal for fishing, photography, touring or recreation.

Soar Inflatables
Inflatable boats.

Solitaire Boats
Wood strip kayaks, canoes and sculls.

Inflatable kayaks and rafts.

Spirit Canoes
Wooden kayaks and canoes.

Spirit Line Kayaks
Traditional skin-on-frame boat building and instruction.

Full line of fiberglass touring kayaks and a couple of sit-on-top models.

Squeedunk Kayaks
Hand made wooden kayaks.

Good, but low-cost inflatable kayaks.

Sterling's Kayaks
Makes custom, lightweight fiberglass kayaks.

Stimson Marine
Skin-on-frame kits and building plans.

Racing kayaks and canoes.

Swift Canoe and Kayak Company
Offers several touring kayaks.

Tahe Marine
Manufactures a full range of kayaks from recreational to performance touring, made in four different composite lay-ups as well as PE.

Think Kayaks
Specializes in kayaks for fitness paddling and surfski racing.

Toquenatch Creek Cedar Kayaks
Manufacturer of hand-made cedar strip kayaks.

TRAK Kayaks
Makers of the first shape-shifting, performance kayak that fits in a pack.

Traditional Greenland Kayaks
Sells Baidarkas and Skin-and-Frame Greenland Kayaks.

Offers a hydrofoil/sailing kayak.

Unicorn Kayaks
Makes skin on frame kayaks and quick build kits. They also offer kayak builidng workshops.

Vajda Kayaks and Canoes
Slovakian kayak builder.

Valley has been making sea kayaks for over 35 years.

Vanguard Inflatables
Inflatable boat manufacturer of river boats (rafts), inflatable kayaks, and rigid inflatables for commercial outfitters, fishing guides and private boaters.

Venturesport Surf Skis
Line of sit-on-top models.

Vittuddens Kanotvary
Composite sea kayaks.

Walden Sports
Produces lightweight plastic kayaks which contain a large percentage of recycled materials.

Warren Light Craft
Produces ultra-light, stable, and fast sea kayaks.

Water Ventures Watersports
Inflatable kayaks.

Water Walker Sea Kayaks
Touring kayaks.

Wave Dancer Productions
Wooden kayak manufacturing company that focuses on Chesapeake Light Crafts.

Wave Sport
Whitewater kayaks.

Broad line of sit-on-top models.

Produces a high performance paddle boat.

Weekend Warrior Outdoors
An Australian producer of kayaks and stand up paddleboards, and they sell direct to the public at wholesale prices.

Current Design kayaks.

Whalecraft Folding Kayaks
Folding skin-on-frame kayaks.

Wild Things
Makes general purpose kayaks and sit on tops.

Wilderness Systems
Huge selection of sea, whitewater and sit-on-top kayaks.

Wing Inflatables
Once manufactured inflatable catarafts, kayaks, and rafts.

Premium composite kayaks headquartered in Sweden, tested in Australia, and paddled worldwide. New in 2012, Zegul SUP's with displacement hulls.

Zoik Inflatables
Makes a line of inflatable kayaks, rafts and bodyboards that they sell direct.


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