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Kayaking Gear and Accessories
Kayak equipment and accessories, such as sprayskirts, pumps, paddle floats, car roof racks and numerous other important and handy products, are either made by or sold by this list of fine companies.


AAA Trailers
Canoe and kayak trailers.

Produces several small, stable kayak docks that make getting in and out of your kayak easy.

All KayakFishing
Kayak fishing resources and accessories. Top quality gear with low prices and free shipping.

Angler's Yak Shack, Inc.
Home of the KayaTank, the only patented, internal bait tank available to kayak fishermen.

Complete online gear retailer. Lots of good stuff.

Produces a locking strapless kayak rack

Bomber Gear
Kayak sea touring gear, spray skirts,  dry gear, thermal wear, pads and mitts.

Bug Shirt
The shirt that keeps the bugs away. 

Catalogue and online gear retailer.

Makes and sells kayak and canoe carts for portage.

Cascade Creek
Manufacturer of Yakgrips paddle grips.

Cascade Outfitters
Online gear retailer of rafts, kayaks and river equipment.

Chesapeake Light Craft
Kayak building kits and accessories.

Coastal Kayak Fishing
Gear for better kayak fishing.

Colorado Kayak Supply
A paddle sport specialty store featuring a large selection of the industries premier products. Shop at either of CKS's two retail stores or shop online at http://coloradokayak.com. See their shipping deals.

Produces a light-weight kayak cart (trolley) to transport your boat.

Current Designs
Full line of kayaks, paddles and accessories.

Danish company produces kayak ergometers for workouts and training.

Manufactures easy to use, affordable, versatile kayak covers.

Manufactures a dock mounted kayak rack that lifts your kayak directly from the water.

Duluth Pack Store
Catalogue retailer of outdoor gear.

Offers some of the best sunglasses and goggles for water sports, winter sports and biking.

Element Expeditions
Produces and sells an assortment of kayak paddle wax.

E-Z Load Technologies
Makes the cool Talon Side Loading Roof Rack System which makes loading and unloading your kayak a whole lot easier.

Paddleboat trailer maker.

Fat Eddy's Threadworks
Manufactures outdoor and paddlesports accessories such as throw bags, paddle bags and pogies.

Feathercraft Folding Kayaks
Maker of folding kayaks, paddles and accessories.

First Mate
Kayak fishing accessories.

GEES Wooden Seats and Fittings for racing kayaks
High performance kayaking equipment for sprint or marathon canoe and kayak paddlers.

Company produces and sells action photographs of adventure sports including kayaking.

Handy Paddles
Miscellaneous items including a paddle/glove combination.

Harmony Gear
Full line of kayak accessories.

Heel Helper
Cushioned rings to support and protect your heels when paddling.

Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Gear
One of the largest online stores dedicated to kayak fishing.

Indianhead Trailers
Indianhead Trailers is located in Muskegon, Michigan, and manufactures premium kayak and canoe trailers.

Island Hopper Outboards
Manufactures motor mounts and other accessories for fishing and leisure kayaks.

Jersey Paddler
Large New Jersey store's online shop offers paddles, PFDs, sprayskirts, paddlewear and more.

Produces floating kayak docks/launches that provide easy, stable access to the water eliminating the fear of falling or getting wet.

Kayak Covers of Charleston
Manufactures and sells rugged kayak and canoe covers.

Kayak Jam
Kayak Jam Shop carries: kayak tee shirts, stickers, hats and toys. Fun paddle trivia, info and pictures.

Kayak Kaboose
This product was designed to help out outfitters and long-distance paddlers, allowing them to carry more gear.

Kayak Lock
Outdoor gear tie-down and security systems. Mention "KayakOnline.com FREE shipping special" in the comments section when ordering and receive free shipping.

Neoprene hand grips that fit take-apart paddles with standard diameter shafts.

Offers a system allowing you to easily load your canoe or kayak.

Kayak outfitting accessories such as hip pads and center walls.

klip-n-go Kayak Straps
Makes a cushioned, cross shouldered adjustable strap that clips on to your kayak skirt rim, fore and aft on one side of your kayak, allowing you to conveniently carry your kayak at your side.

UK maker of kayaks, paddles and accessories.

Knudsen Integrated Portaging Systems
Makes carrying your kayak easier.

Lochsa Connection
Maker of watersport wear and accessories since 1986.

Lomo Wetsuits
Manufacturer of wetsuits, drysuits and spraydecks.

Malone Auto Racks
Produces SUV rooftop racks and accessories.

Martin Creek Kayak Storage Solutions
Designs, manufactures, and sells storage solutions products for kayaks, paddles, and accessories.

Mirage Truck Racks
Truck racks to transport your kayak.

Natural West Coast Adventure Gear
Victoria, British Columbia company offers sea kayaking accessories including paddle floats, paddle bags, pogues and rescue gear.

Manufactures a line of cleaning and waterproofing products for outdoor gear, including boots, jackets, tents, maps, gloves, ropes, Goretex, polarfleece, down, cotton, leather, and suede.

Nookie Xtreme Sports Equipment
UK maker of kayaking clothing and accessories.

North Shore, Inc.
Makes sprayskirts, bags, goggles and more.

North Water Rescue and Paddling Equipment
Makes a variety of paddling accessories including deck bags, paddle floats and tow lines.

Northwest River Supplies
Online gear retailer.

Old Town Canoe Company
Wide selection of kayaks, paddles and all the accessories.

ORS Racks Direct
Online supplier of kayak car racks from Yakima and Thule.

Outdoor Research
Lots of outerwear and accessories for outdoor recreation.

Outdoor solutions
Products for storing your kayak and paddle.

Popular online gear retailer.
OutdoorPlay Paddling Retailer

Pacific Action Kayak Sails
Manufactures kayak sail systems to suit most kayaks, sit-on-tops and canoes.

Pacific Wave Kayaks
Online gear retailer.

Paddle Gear
Online gear retailer.

Paddleboy Designs
Boat cart for portaging.

They have a canoe and kayak training simulator, designed for cardio training and muscular training.

Makes a handy tow behind kayak pack raft for hauling extra gear.

This outfitter offers paddling accessories and outdoor gear both online and through their New Jersey store.
Paddlers Cove for paddling accessories

UK maker of kayaking accessories and clothing.

Parlee Manufacturing
Makes various safety gear and other paddling and outdoor products.

Manufactures and distributes repair and protective patches for kayaks and canoes. These patches are easy to use. They may eliminate the need for skilled repairs such as plastic welding and fiberglass/epoxies.

Pillar Creek Paddling Equipment
Produces and sells handmade paddle leashes.

PK Paddles
Makes accessories including cockpit covers, drybags and deckbags.

Portage Pal Trailers
Makes single canoe and kayak trailers, multiple kayak trailers and small boat trailers.

Portage Trailer
Makes light and functional canoe and kayak car trailers light enough for portaging.

Prijon/Wildwasser Sport
Full line of kayaks, paddles, and gear.

Makes hand held, sea kayak sail rigs.

Rack Warehouse
The Rack Warehouse is the largest single store retailer of Thule, Yakima and Mirage car, truck, van & SUV racks in North America.

Radical Gear
Maker of pads and pumps.

A kayak rack for pickups that folds down into bed rails when not in use.

Maker of clothing and accessories.

Manufacturer and online shop for kayaking accessories. They offer free shipping from the UK and New Zealand.

Almost all the accessories you need.

Riot Kayaks
Full line of kayaks, paddles and gear.

Roll-Aid Safety, Inc.
Manufactures a self-righting aid.

Salamander Paddle Gear
Maker of helmets, clothing and other accessories.

Scary Sports
Maker of a kayak cart.

Produces kayak seats and clothing.

Seals Sprayskirts
Full line of sprayskirts.

SEDA Products
Full line of kayaks and kayak accessories.

Settles Bridge Supply House
Makes paddle leashes and kayak accessories, including a line of recycled paddle leashes made from reclaimed cellular phone chargers.

Skeeter Skirt
A mesh bug sprayskirt.

Manufactures high quality, performance paddling cushions that are available at several dealers such as Outdoorplay.com and Cabelas.

Sun protection clothing.

Spirit Sails
Makes free-standing, no-lines, downwind kayak and canoe sails.

European online retailer offering paddling, climbing and diving gear.

Starrk Moon, Inc.
Online retailer.

Stearns Inc.
Outdoor accessory manufacturer.

Stohlquist Waterware
Maker of watersports equipment.

Stronghold Gear Storage System
Terrific storage racks for kayaks, canoes and gear.

Suffolk Kayak Supply
Produces and sells kayak storage racks and kayak carts.

Surf To Summit
Maker of kayak seats.

Suspenz Kayak-Canoe Storage Racks
Storage racks and stands that suspend your kayaks and canoes eliminating dings, dents and distortion of the hull and keep your boats looking like new.

Suunto Instrumentation
Makes technical outdoor products.

Think Rain Designs
Maker of kayaking-influenced crafts and novelties.

Thule Car Rack Systems
Makes cargo roof racks.

This Side Up
Company modifies kayaks for fishing on all types of water.

Talic designs, produces, and sells storage systems for kayaks and canoes.

Tiger Paws
Kayak hand paddles.

Tough Duck Outdoor Products
Kayak and marine related covers and accessories.

Venture Wilson, Inc.
Makes a boat hoist.

Walden Paddlers, Inc.
Maker of kayaks, outrigger canoes and accessories.

Watercraft Technologies
Makes and sells kayak and canoe safety supplies and equipment, including "The Skimmer," a portable lightweight motor system of kayaks and canoes.

Makes waterproof gear bags.

Watertight Storage Case Company
Products for protecting mobile electronic equipment.

Watertrail Paddling Gear
Produces bags, seats, paddles and fishing accessories.

Manufacturer of paddles and gear.

Casiera Designs produces these lightweight kayak and canoe sails that easily attach to your current deck hardware.

Maker of gear to transport your kayak.

Produces and sells various handy kayak accessories.

Company makes Gel-Filled comfort products such as seat covers and foot pads. The foot pads attach to your foot braces in the boat
so that your heels and ankles rest in a gel filled cushion.

Manufacturers and distributors of unique kayak accessories like the YAKSLING.

Kayak gear and accessories at REI
This Seal Line Dry Bag and other essential equipment for paddlers can be found at REI.


Sierra Trading Post for kayak accessories



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