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Manufacturers and builders of hardshell, foldable and inflatable kayaks, canoes and boats are listed below. These links will take you directly to the manufacturer’s websites.

Advanced Elements
Makes three different models of inflatable kayaks.

Providing expedition quality rafts, catarafts, inflatable kayaks and accessories since 1989.

Aqua Xtreme
Manufacturer of folding kayaks and boats.

Arrow Kayaks
Danish producer of high quality performance kayaks.

Atlantis Kayaks
Canadian manufacturer of quality composite ocean kayaks.

Aussie Sea Kayak Company
Manufactures two fibreglass sea kayaks — the Korobra single fibreglass and the Jabaru II double fibreglass sea kayak.

Azul Kayaks
Offers three distinct styles of kayak designs, including north american, british and techno.

Back Bay Boatworks
Company produces mini multihull boats including the Triton Tandem Sailer, a 14-foot sailing kayak in a folding swing-wing trimaran configuration.

Makes kayaks outfitted with small trolling motors, perfect for fishing.

Bear Mountain Boat Shop
Wood strip kayak plans and kits.

Betsie Bay Kayak
Wood kayaks & paddles based on traditional Greenland Inuit designs.

Black Dog Kayaks
Produces affordable, high quality, skin-on-frame kayak kits to build a recreational, touring, or fishing kayak.

Bliss-Stick Kayaks
New Zealand company manufactures a line of white water kayaks.

Blue Otter Kayaks
Limited production cedar strip kayak builder.

Boreal Design
Full line of fiberglass, kevlar and carbon touring kayaks and paddles.

Manufacturer of surf skis and the Python kayak.

The oldest plastic sea kayak manufacturer in South Africa.

Caillou Boats
Sailing kayaks.

Canadian Canoes Online
Wood kayak kits.

Chesapeake Light Craft
Wide variety of wood kayak kits and accessories.

Clear Blue Hawaii
Makes a full line of kayaks and accessories including some unique transparent kayaks.

Clear Stream Fine Woodworking
Builds custom wood kayaks and canoes.

Clearwater Designs
Manufacturer specializes in polyethylene canoes and kayaks.

Cobra Kayaks
Full line of plastic sit-on-top kayaks including two that break down into three sections for traveling.

Common Sense Boats and Books
Building plans for wood kayaks.

Crow Wing Kayaks
Minnesota made roto molded sit on top kayaks for hunting, fishing and general recreation.

Current Designs
Offers a complete line of plastic and composite touring and sit-on-top kayaks.

Plastic and composite sea, whitewater and sit-on-top kayaks.

Delta Kayaks
Delta manufactures high quality thermoform kayaks in British Columbia.

Hungarian boatbuilder builds wood canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and wood paddles.

Dimension Kayaks
Sea kayaks and sit-on-tops.

Dog Paddle Designs
Makes custom-built, traditional skin frame kayaks.

Easy Rider
Makes a wide variety of composite touring kayaks.

Eastern Island Kayaks
A fibreglass sea kayak manufacturer and also specializing in custom built kayaks

Eddyline Kayaks
Offers a full line of sea kayaks made with a performance thermoplastic material called "Carbonlite 2000". They also still make composite kayaks, but they are a hybrid utilizing a Thermoplastic skin in place of Gel Coat with a glass and Kevlar interior structure that is vacuum bagged, creating a stiffer, lighter and stronger structure than straight fiberglass.

Embarcaciones P.C.G.
Spanish maker of composite kayaks and paddles.

Emerson Andrishok Custom Wood Kayaks
Custom-made wood kayaks.

Emotion Kayaks
Makes recreational, sit-on-top and fishing kayaks.

Epic Kayaks
Produces racing, touring and recreational boats and paddles.

Eskimo Kayaks
Full line of polyethylene whitewater kayaks.

Extreme Interface
Makes kayaks, surfboats and waveskiis.

Feathercraft Folding Kayaks
Folding kayaks featuring nylon skin over an aluminum frame and urethane hull.

FirstLight Kayaks
New Zealand company designs and produces lightweight folding kayaks.

Folbot Folding Kayaks
Makes skin-on-frame folding kayaks.

Offers one of the widest ranges of folding boats in Europe.

Fujita North America
Manufactures and sells folding canoes and folding recreational and touring kayaks (Formerly FoldingCraft).

Great Canadian Canoe Company
Offers a full line of touring kayaks.

Green Valley Boat Works
Kayak kits and kayak building plans.

Guillemot Kayaks
Building plans and wood kits along with a lot of tips and information.

Harbour Boats
Builders and designers of traditional style kayaks and small boats.

Heritage Kayaks
Maker of sit-on-top and touring kayaks.

Hobie Cat
Makes several sit-on-top models.

Manufactures the Raptor 16, a lightweight high performance sailing/paddling outrigger, stabilized by a unique pilot controllable hydrofoil.

Inflatable kayaks.

Impex International
Line of touring kayaks.

Manufactures whitewater and marine inflatable boats including rafts and kayaks.

Innova Kayaks and Canoes
Innova offers top of the line inflatable boats. They strive to provide high performance, light weight, compact and green-manufactured kayaks and canoes.

Island Wave Skis
Maker of a wide line of wave skis.

Fiberglass and plastic sea kayaks.

Jammer Boat and Canoe
Makes strong, stable and unique resin canoes.

Kajak Sport
Several sea kayaks from Finland. Distributed through Global Outfitters.

A distributor of the TAIMEN folding kayaks in North America.

Kirton Kayaks
Makes composite racing, touring and folding kayaks.

Kiwi Kayak Co
Offers several sit-on-top and touring models.

Klepper Folding Kayaks
Full line of folding skin-on-frame models.

A factory direct and authorized importer of Klepper folding kayaks.

Laughing Loon Custom Canoes and Kayaks
Wood strip kayaks and plans.

A China-based boat builder since 1986, is committed to the production of composites flatwater kayaks and canoes, supplying all over the world.

Lincoln Canoe and Kayak
Makes touring kayaks in fiberglass and kevlar.

Liquidlogic kayaks
Paddlers designing kayaks that they want to paddle. Whitewater, Trekreation, and Touring kayaks designed with performance in mind

Loki High Performance Kayaks
Manufacturer of the Loki R, a 39-pound, high performance Carbon Fiber touring kayak.

French maker of several new kayak models.

Malibu Kayaks
A manufacturer of roto-molded, linear polyethylene sit-on-top kayaks, models suited to everything from beach-front surfing to angling.

Mariner Kayaks
Touring kayaks in fiberglass and kevlar.

Producer of a variety of inflatable boats, rafts and water toys, including river boats and kayaks.

Mega Performance
British kayaks and paddles.

Merrimack Canoe Company
Makes handcrafted, limited-edition canoes.

Murky Water Kayaks
Produces a diverse product line of composite kayaks.

Native Watercraft
Makes a good variety of products and accessories.

Fiberglass and folding kayaks.

NC Kayaks
Manufactures lightweight high-tech composite kayaks for all experience levels.

Necky Kayaks
Huge line of recreational, touring, whitewater and sit-on-top kayaks in composite and plastic.

Newfound Woodworks inc.
Wood strip kits and information.

Nighthawk Canoes
Builds and sells lightweight composite canoes and kayaks. Their boats are handmade, user-friendly and can be custom-built. Available online or in person in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Manufactures a wide variety of composite ocean touring kayaks.

Noah International
Full line of whitewater kayaks.

Plastic/fiberglass kits to assemble at home.

North Woods Canoe Co
Offers a trio of sea kayaks.

Northwest Kayaks
Full line of sea and whitewater kayaks.

Northwest River Supplies
Online kayak retailer.

Ocean Kayak
Full line of plastic sit-on-top kayaks.

Old Town Canoe Company
Full line of recreational, touring and sit-on-top models.

One Ocean Kayaks
Wood strip kayaks, kits and plans.

Orca Boats Custom Boatbuilding
Custom built cedar strip canoes and kayaks, plans, course and accessories.

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