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Sea Eagle Kayaks and Boats
Sea Eagle offers a big variety of inflatable boats. My favorites, of course, are the kayaks. Their inflatables are a terrific alternative to a hard-shell kayak for both cost and convenience.

They sell direct to the consumer through their catalog and website and they’ve been doing it for over 30 years. (See their site for details about their on-water trial and three-year warranty on new boats.) Personally, I've had a very good experience with them each time I have dealt with them. Last year I received their Explorer 380x and it's absolutely great. Now I have both an inflatable for when it's just me and the Explorer 380x for when a friend comes along.

SeaEagle.com now also features cutting edge ViewPoint 3D technology so you can see their boats from all sides at all angles. You can even zoom in to see all the features on our boats - inflatable keels - towing grommets, swiveling oarlocks and more.

Click below to visit them:

Inflatable Kayaks

Click Here for Great Canoes



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