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Kayak Paddles
These links will take you directly to the paddling manufacturer's websites which will allow you to read the details on their various paddle models.

Adventure Technology
Full line of composite paddles.

Ainsworth Paddles
Reaction Injection Molding paddles for touring and racing.

Alpine Paddle
Makes hand-sculpted, Greenland-style wood paddles.

Anderson Oars and Paddles
Custom wood paddles.

Aqua-Bound Technologies
Tough, durable molded touring paddles.

Aroostook Paddles
A custom hand crafted kayak and canoe paddle manufacturer.

Maker of unique custom Greenland paddles.

Backwater Paddle Company
Backwater makes some unique short hand paddles that can be a great option for kayakers who like to fish or photograph on the water.

Bending Branches
Lightweight and innovative canoe and kayak paddles; USA made since 1981.

Betsie Bay Kayak
Wood and composite paddles in the historic Greenland/Inuit style.

Boreal Design
Full line of various synthetic paddles.

Cannon Paddles
Cannon makes a wide range of kayak paddles, canoe paddles and oars. They also make specialty paddles such as compact life boat paddles.

California Sports Equipment
Synthetic paddles

Carlisle Paddles
Full line of paddles.

Cascade Outfitters
Online retailer of rafts, kayaks and river equipment.

Caviness Woodworking Company
Produces boat paddles and oars for the marine, fishing, canoeing, kayking and whitewater rafting industries.

Colorado Kayak Supply
A paddle sport specialty store featuring a large selection of the industries premier products. Shop at either of CKS's two retail stores or shop online at http://coloradokayak.com. Check out today's deal on shipping.

Current Designs
Wide variety of straight and bent-shaft paddles.

Makes selected wood and topical wood kayak and canoe paddles.

Eddyline Kayaks
Full line of paddles.

Epic Paddles
Lightweight racing and touring paddles.

Extreme Interface
Multiple lines of paddles.

Feathercraft Folding Kayaks
Folding kayaks and paddles.

Friday Harbor Paddles
Specializes in building custom laminated wood paddles in the Greenland style.

Greenland Paddles
Produces handcrafted, traditional red-cedar paddles.

Gullwing Paddles
Makes ergonomic kayak paddles.

H2O Performance Paddles
Makes paddles for touring, whitewater, SUP or fishing, with prices from $99-$399. They design and manufacture out of Toronto. Their button-less fast ferrule is unique in the industry, plus they make the Crystal X Paddle, a fully transparent paddle.

Impex International
Full line of paddles.

Killer Hand Paddles
Hand-made hand paddles.

British maker of select paddles.

Lightning Paddles
Makes a wide variety of paddles.

Liquidpulse Water Sports Equipment
Produces a wide range of water sports equipment such as carbon fiber/fiberglass kayak and canoe paddles.

Mega Performance
British maker of kayaks and paddles.

Mitchell Paddles
Several wood and wood composite paddles.

Produces a good variety of fiberglass, plastic and carbon fiber kayak paddles.

Northwest River Supplies
Online retailer and manufacturer.

Old Town Canoe Company
Wide variety of paddles and oars.

Popular retailer and great online store.

P&H Company
Paddles for sea kayaking and polo.

Pacific Designs
Manufactures a pair of high-performance paddles.

Pacific Wave Kayaks
Online and physical store.

This outfitter offers kayaks, paddling accessories and outdoor gear both online and through their New Jersey store.

ONNO paddles made by hand.

Power Blade
Paddle manufacturer in the UK offering high specification general purpose RIM blade canoe and kayak paddles.

Prijon/Wildwasser Sport
Multiple lines of kayak paddles.

Produces a full range of plastic paddles.

Wood kayaks, kits and paddles.

Check out their terrific online store.

Revealed Water Products/Adventure Technology
Full line of bent-shaft paddles.

Riot Kayaks
Straight and bent-shaft paddles for all types of kayaking.

Making fine wood paddles since 1975, these paddles are quite tough and beautiful. Top quality veneers with custom sizing and designs.

Rough Stuff Paddles
Dublin paddle maker.

Sawyer Paddles and Oars
Full line of paddles and oars.

Sea Kayaker
Manufactures the Anglesey Stick, a Greenland-style paddle, hand-crafted from western red cedar

Select Paddles
French manufacturer of performance kayaks and canoe paddles.

Seven 2
Full line of quality paddles.

Shearwater Boats
Wood kayaks, paddles and plans.

Smallfish Paddles
Makes permanent offset one-piece paddles with asymmetric blades and a small shaft with ergonomic grips.

Soller Paddles
Manufacturer of carbon fiber touring kayak paddles, specializing in custom made paddles.

Starrk Moon inc.
Online store.

Swift Canoe and Kayak Company
Several models of paddles.

T and J Kayak Paddles
Small company builds custom made greenland kayak paddles.

Talon Woodworks
Small manufacturer that specializes in custom Greenland style kayak paddles but also builds more traditional kayak and canoe paddles.

The Weathered Paddle
Handcrafted, individually tailored, Greenland-style kayak paddles.

Tiger Paws
Kayak hand paddles.

Tuktu Paddles
Company makes traditional Greenland style hand carved canoe and kayak paddles. Buy from their stock or have one custom made.

Venturesport Surf Skis
Light paddles for kayaks and surfskis.

Vittuddens Kanotvary
Swedish touring paddles.

Walden Paddlers, inc.
Kayak and outrigger canoe paddles.

Current Design kayaks and paddles.

Werner Paddles
Full line of canoe and kayak paddles.

UK manufacturer of traditional style Greenland kayak paddles.

Woodstrip Watercraft
Wood laminate paddles.

Zu Zu Paddle Company
Wood and composite paddles.


Kayak and outdoor gear from REI



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