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13 Years of Promoting Kayaking

Bellingham, WA December 8, 2012 -- KayakOnline.com announced that today marks its 13th year online promoting the sport of kayaking.

"We started in 1999 with one pretty ugly site," said website owner Sam Hanson. "And while you could argue about how ugly the site is today, we certainly have been one of the more popular kayaking websites during those 13 years. The site has been pretty popular with both individual kayakers and boat and accessory companies."

"We started this site because we loved this activity," said Hanson, "We really didn't expect to be doing this 13 years later."

KayakOnline.com maintains multiple lists of kayak and paddling related organizations, manufacturers, clubs, tour organizers, outfitters, schools and instructors for every state in the USA along with the provinces of Canada. All of their pages are provided free of charge.

"Small tour operators and outfitters are often expressing their gratitude for our site," noted Hanson, "especially because we are able to help promote their business at absolutely no charge. It's still nice to receive a short thank-you email from one of these little businesses that offer kayak rentals or short tours in their own corner of the country. These outfitters and tour organizers are often just a one or two-person, or mom and pop organization trying to carve out a living while doing what they love, and I feel fortunate to be able to help them out just a little bit."

About KayakOnline.com:
KayakOnline.com is an online kayak and paddling recreation resource for North America. For more information, visit http://www.KayakOnline.com.

Media Contact:
Sam Hanson


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